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  CHUCKING REAMERS: A general purpose Reamer that is used in a variety of applications and materials. These are available in a variety of different styles such as Straight Shank, Taper Shank, and Stub Screw Machine.[BACK]

TAPER PIN REAMERS: These are designed for reaming holes so that standard taper pins will be able to fit properly. Best results will be attained if the hole is drilled a few thousandths smaller than the small diameter of the finished reamed hole.[BACK]

CAR REAMERS: Car Reamers are designed for Railroad Car building work. A special cutting chamfer allows for easy entry and fast cutting in badly offset and burnt holes.[BACK]

JIG BORER: Used in Die Shops and wherever close tolerances are to be held.[BACK]

CARBIDE REAMERS: Made from premium Micro-Grain Carbide, they are precision ground to tight tolerances, provide superior finishes, improved hole sizes, and can be ran at higher speeds and feeds. [BACK]

TAPER PIPE REAMERS: Taper Pipe Reamers are used before tapping with a variety of different types of pipe taps those include NPTF, Dryseal, and ANPT.[BACK]

HAND REAMERS: Designed to be used by hand these reamers have a tapered lead for easy entry and a square on the end for use by a wrench. Used by maintenance and many other applications where the holes need to be reamed by hand. [BACK]

BRIDGE REAMERS: Bridge Reamers are designed for use in structural steel, in the building industry, bridge erection, and ship construction. The cutting end of the flutes is tapered therefore allowing the reamer not only to enter overlapping holes but also permits insertion into very badly misaligned holes. Bridge Reamers are commonly used in portable electric or pneumatic machines.[BACK]

STUB SCREW MACHINE: Made in variety of flute configurations, these are designed for use in Screw Machines. They fit standard size tool holders and the pinhole allows them to be used in pin drive floating holders.[BACK]

COBALT REAMERS: Made in a variety of sizes and styles, Cobalt Reamers afford quality finishes and increased tool life. [BACK]

DOWEL PIN REAMERS: Made with a minus tolerance, used for reaming holes for dowel pins in the automotive industry and mold shops.[BACK]

TAPER SHANK: Designed to fit ANS (MORSE) Taper Sockets and Sleeves. These Reamers are similar in design to Straight Shank Reamers. They can be used in a number of different types of applications and materials.[BACK]