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When reaming, feeds are usually higher than those used for drilling. Rates of feed may vary with material; a good starting point would be .0015 to .004 per flute per revolution. Too low of a feed may cause glazing, excessive wear, or chatter. Too high of feed may reduce the accuracy of the hole, it may also lower the quality of finish.

The best speed is found to lie around one half of the speed used for drilling the same material. The following chart may be used as a guide.

Aluminum 130-200
Brass & Bronze (ordinary) 130-200
Bronze, High Tensile 50-70
Cast Iron, Chilled 20-30
Cast Iron, Hard 50-70
Cast Iron, Soft 70-100
Magnesium 170-200
Monel Metal 25-35
Plastic 70-100
Stainless Steel 20-30
Steel Alloy 35-40
300-400 Brinell 20-30
Steel Annealed 40-50
Steel Machinery 40-50
Steel, High Tensile 20-30
Titanium 20-30