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For your convenience we have provided this form as a way for you to request a Quote for a Special Tool. Please fill in as much information as possible about the tool you would like and how to contact you. All fields are optional except your name, company, address and phone number. As an alternative, you may also fax a print to 1-800-543-0972 or e-mail your print to our technical service by clicking here


Type of Reamer:

Style of Reamer:

Size of Reamer:

  (ex: "1,2,6,12")



Number of Flutes:

Flute Style:

Hand of Cut / Hand of Spiral
RH Spiral
RH Cut
LH Spiral
LH Cut

Surface Treatments:

  Additional Information:

* Unless otherwise specified, Dimensions not noted will be made to United States Cutting Tool Institute Standards.

* For special flats, please provide dimensions.
Diagram 1Shank DiameterShank Length   Diagram 2TangTang WidthTang Length
Overall LengthFlute LengthShank Diameter
Diagram 3Shank TypeFlute LengthOverall Length
Diagram 4End StyleDiagram 5End StyleDiagram 6End Style

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Shank DiameterOverall LengthAngle of Point / Style of PointFlute LengthShang Length

Shank Diameter

Shank Length

Tang Width


Tang Length

Shank Type

Flute Length

Overall Length

End Style